The brand VERDE PROFILO was founded in 2008 by the will of Stefano Laprocina, a young agronomist, connoisseur and lover of nature, who decides to promote and share a new green philosophy for the exploration of the concept of all-round green. The aim of Stefano is to help make more spontaneous the relationship between the individual and nature, exploiting the ability of the latter to adapt also to the architecture designed by man.

The determination of Stefano in carrying out this ambitious project is present at the beginning of his business venture, when VERDE PROFILO grows primarily as a company specializing in the design of gardens. The approach of Stefano in this world that is characterized by a strong traditionalism has an innovative approach, based mainly on the concept of usability of the green space. The garden is not only a decorative element but also the place of the house where everyone can tune in to nature, on their own schedule and their own arrangements.

The customer, its lifestyle and its demands thus become the starting point in the design of green space design is always new and never stereotyped. His curiosity, the constant search for innovative techniques and materials have led Stefano to explore the concept of green that declines in many design possibilities.

From the design of green spaces – with the lines Gardens in StyleVertical Gardens Vertical Lawns and Vertical V-Garden and Plants in Hydroculture for indoor use – to the creation of solutions for indoor use with the lines MOSS Wall® and MOSSdesign®.

Each and every project of VERDE PROFILO is unique and unmistakable because it embodies the brand of “knowing how to make green” with no limits to creativity. A know-how in continuous evolution that has led VERDE PROFILO to work in partnerships with prestigious architectural firms and famous designers such as Paola Lenti.

Design, creativity, passion and innovation

These four principles that Verde Profilo has been decline in many areas of design: not only private gardens, large public areas, roof terraces, small urban gardens and exhibitions but also stylish creations for shops, hotels, showrooms and wellness centers. At the center of all creation there is always the nature, in all its elegance and vitality, able to engage and arouse emotions in those who want to live green as an integral part of their existence.