Quooker is establishing itself as a global leader in the kitchen industry. Born in the Netherlands in 1970 from the ingenuity of Henri Peteri, this brand has revolutionized kitchens by introducing the concept of the boiling water tap, which has now become essential in homes worldwide. Managed with passion and entrepreneurial spirit by the Peteri family, Quooker keeps alive the pride of its founder, Henri Peteri, the father of the current directors Walter and Niels Peteri and the inventor of this revolutionary device.

As the pioneer in its field, Quooker introduced the world’s first boiling water tap, innovating the market with inventions such as the insulated and pressurized tank, the multifunction Quooker Fusion and Flex taps, as well as an elegant line of black boiling water taps. The search for innovative solutions that improve both functionality and aesthetics in the kitchen area is a constant for Quooker, affirming its commitment to continuous innovation “around the sink”.