Panzeri is an italian company set up in 1947 by Carlo Panzeri, businessman with a great experience in the technical and mechanical industry. With the operating headquarters in Biassono and its sales Partners in Italy, Europe, UAE, USA, Canada and Russia, it is one of the most important players in the international lighting market.

The best Architects, Interior Designer and Lighting Specialist for style and innovation choose Panzeri lamps for the most exclusive locations in the world.

The catalogues “Architectural” and “Design” contain all the collections. Among the most successful products there are Golden Ring, Toy, Jackie, Flat and Willy for the indoor and Ralph for the outdoor.

Passion, know-how, dynamism and “doing culture” characterize Panzeri, that knows well how to risk to understand and satisfy a public increasingly knowledgeable and sophisticated, offering also Custom Made solutions.

The Company key goals are not only design but also sustainability, reduction of energy consumption and increase of the average life of the products. The use of LED technology becomes so a priority for the creation of the new products and for the regeneration of those already on the market. This deep attention to environmental protection, led Panzeri to equip its factories of photovoltaic systems, greatly reducing also the energy consumption of the production plants.

The production is “Made in Italy” and uses advanced processing techniques with the latest generation machinery, never forgetting the craftsmanship processes for the most precious finishing touches like the application of  the gold leaf in Golden Ring.

The high quality standard required by the strict European regulations for security, lighting and for electromagnetic compatibility are well guaranteed by all the products.

Panzeri takes part in activities and contests organized by the best trainers institutions of the Industrial Design scene and promotes the lighting engineering culture to 360 °.