Technology and quality are the pillars on which Nobili has been founded since the 1950s and continues to base all its choices. The company is committed to creating leading products for the kitchen and bathroom environment, symbols of technological avant-garde and Italian style, while fully respecting the environment. The Nobili Technology Centre, located in Suno, in the province of Novara, stands out as the most rational and efficient production complex in the sector, designed according to a strategic layout to support steady growth and ensure the market is provided with excellence in quality standards with minimal environmental impact.

Nobili distinguishes itself as the only European company in the sector to boast a completely integrated production cycle, positioning itself at the top of the category for its research activities and, especially, for the level of technological evolution of its production equipment. With 452 work centers spread over an area of 88,000 sqm, the company boasts an annual production of 2.8 million items. Instead of pursuing the path of delocalization, Nobili chooses to invest in Italy, dedicating significant resources to the continuous improvement of the production process layout and the adoption of the most advanced technologies. The success achieved represents a constant incentive to strengthen the commitment and to renew efforts daily to keep the company’s offering at the peak of excellence.