Since its inception in 1899, Miele has embodied the “Immer besser” principle, striving to surpass not only the competition but also its own standards. This unwavering commitment to excellence ensures Miele customers the confidence of an outstanding choice, potentially for life.

Miele’s distinctive design, which celebrates innovation, value, and timeless elegance, facilitates an intuitive relationship between the user and the product. Miele exceeds expectations with solutions that enhance daily life and build trust, a success highlighted by a wide array of international accolades in the field of design.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, Miele pays special attention to energy efficiency and resource conservation. This philosophy permeates every aspect of the company, from its innovative products to its responsible manufacturing processes, and care for employee well-being and positive community contribution. Recognized for its dedication to sustainable practices through significant awards and global initiatives, Miele is committed to a greener future, showcasing its dedication not just to product excellence but also to an ethical and sustainable footprint in the world.