EMPORIO ZANI is the new brand that develops and runs in parallel with that of the parent company, Serafino Zani, expanding its areas of interest. The Emporio Zani challenge is a very important one: to satisfy the very latest demands of the market, to respond to recent socio- economic changes. A challenge that this new brand faces as an autonomous entity, independent of the Serafino Zani brand. This involves exploring new materials, other than steel: wood, pigmented plastic, fabric, coloured glass, crystal, porcelain… Democratic, affordable design is the key to the entire Emporio Zani plan, responding to the demand for eco- sustainability. All this results in original products and projects, capable of anticipating new trends, while guaranteeing a retail price point that will attract an ever wider public.

Touch-MeL is an icon on tables all over Europe and a real reference point on the tableware market with its top-quality melamine proposal and a program in continuous evolution, characterized by textures of definite impact and bright colours that well describe a very easy-to-use and clean material.

Touch-MeL is a trailblazer. Since January 2016, there has been a virtuous rethinking in the world of tableware. Melamine has reappeared in its purest and most sustainable composition and guises – in a rainbow of colours and in the most beautiful and cheerful textures. Touch-MeL authoritatively represents the history of decorations, accompanies the evolution of styles and indicates, along its path of continuous development, the modern table layout. It enables people to rediscover the joy of festively serving food to diners.

Focus on the evolution of styles, taste and trends is one of Touch-MeL‘s design features, reflected in the constant updating of shapes and decorations.