2017 is about the revolution 2.0, the year in which we brought our icon, BORA Professional to the next level, or 2.0. The elements of proven quality, such as the extra-deep cooking hob, the knobs and the efficiency have been maintained, while in terms of simplicity and functionality, innovations have been introduced to obtain the best performance from an entirely electric control system . These ambitions have been rewarded by the Red Dot Award jury even before its launch on the market. We are happy to have received the Red Dot Award 2017 best of the best. The revolution on the asphalt was also brought to a new level in 2017, with the definitive entry into the Champions League of cycling, the UCI World Tour. In this we are assisted by the new co-sponsor Hansgrohe. The offensive of BORA exports and the international reputation of the brand is then promoted in a targeted manner. Another event for this year is BORA in the air, a celestial gastronomic event in the true sense of the word. With the Revolution Tour we bring our glass cube kitchen in different European metropolises. On this occasion, alongside healthy finger food, tasty snacks and breathtaking views, the center of attention remains one: living BORA.