Since its inception in 1882, Bertazzoni has recognized the central importance of the kitchen in home life, creating appliances that elevate the art of home cooking. Bertazzoni’s reputation is built on essential pillars: meticulous design, outstanding engineering, and an innate passion for gastronomy. These values, enriched by an innovative spirit that has spanned generations, continue to guide the company.

Bertazzoni offers an appliance suited to every kitchen style, ensuring the preparation and presentation of dishes with precision, taste, and elegance, both today and in the future. Bertazzoni’s journey began over a century ago with the manufacture of precision scales and evolved by observing innovations from Germany, such as wood stoves used on trains. This tradition of excellence in kitchen appliances continues to be the focus of the home experience, making every kitchen the beating heart of the home.

In Italy, design and engineering naturally blend together, creating products that are both functional and aesthetically refined. Bertazzoni’s innovative engineering enables the production of equipment that not only works perfectly but also stands as icons of style and elegance. The synthesis of form and function is the hallmark of Bertazzoni products, reflecting the excellence of Italian design.

Proud of its heritage as the world’s oldest family-run appliance company, with over 140 years of innovation, Bertazzoni embraces a deep sense of responsibility towards the land, the community, and future generations. By keeping alive the awareness of its roots and responsibilities, Bertazzoni continues its mission to enrich home life through products that are true testaments to Italian ingenuity and elegance.