Cement… beautifully made

Today in the world of design standing out is synonymous with the concept of avant-garde.

This means proposing to companies, professionals and individuals the most modern, functional and attractive solutions for all senses that our profession can offer.

Cement becomes the undisputed design star that gives every room atmospheres, sensations – visual and tactile – and a chromatic satisfaction unknown in the past.

The Contemporary Surfaces project is the result of the synergy that has engaged Area47 and Euwork for years, it is the state-of-the-art expression of know-how in terms of production of ResinaCemento, R & D and creative installation.

We have developed the expertise and technology to apply ResinaCemento not only to traditional surfaces but also, thanks to the extreme breathability and flexibility of our raw materials, even on surprising and unexpected surfaces: doors, furniture, pools ….

Now there is no limit to the design creativity.