The use of shiny white glass.

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LAB model Binova kitchen, with shiny white glass base units, columns and shelves, shiny lacquered white groove and skirt, worktop in black limestone lamigres with integrated sink, black limestone lamigres panels, Vesuvio oakwood snack table.



Domestic Appliances

Induction hob with Bora integrated filtering extraction system
Siemens built-in oven, code HB23AB523
Siemens built-in microwave oven, code HF24M564
Siemens single-door refrigerator, code KI81RAF30
Siemens dishwasher, code SN76N195EU
Siemens single-door freezer, code GI81NAE3
Barazza stainless steel mixer with hand-shower, code 1RUBMOF1