Modern kitchen design is not just a question of drawings and plans, elevations, ventilation systems and purely technical matters. Binova Milano leads the way in implementing the concept of Kitchen Architecture and the creation of spaces that express our philosophy: enjoy the finest Italian luxury living! Spaces which are both aesthetically refined and practical, perfectly suiting not only your home but your personality, expressed in the best possible way through the kitchen.

Like the best traditional tailors, we create only tailor-made kitchens, following a tried and tested protocol that allows us to meet our clients’ requirements while eliminating expensive wasting of time:

  1. Start by consulting  the Binova catalogues, take a look at some of the projects we have created at the bottom of this page and, why not, in the Contract furnishings section, where you can view Binova projects all over the world.
  2. By this time you will have got some ideas, which, along with your requirements, provide a good starting point for a meeting here in our showroom, where you can make an appointment to experience the quality of our kitchens for yourselves, preview innovative solutions which are not in the catalogue recommended by our professional staff, lay the foundations of your kitchen project and set a date for a second meeting.
  3. At the second meeting, you will examine our architects’ proposals and plans and get a concrete, realistic idea of what your new kitchen will look like with a photorealistic 3D rendering prepared specifically for you. Every solution we propose will be completed with an economic proposal, and we can provide real-time quotes for any variations you may request, making a third meeting unnecessary.
  4. The time has come to make a commitment and sign a contract including plans, drawings, renderings, a breakdown of the economic proposal and an estimated delivery time.




Kitchen design: some tips

Undoubtedly, the kitchen is the most important room in the house. For this reason, when you decide to renew or rebuild from scratch, it is crucial to consider numerous aspects. Designing a kitchen overlooking all the possible implications leads to regrets at a later time. The furnishings, the design of the environment, the appliances, are all crucial and fundamental aspects. Therefore, evaluating more carefully first is essential to ensure that your kitchen respects the needs and requirements of every member of the home.

When is it better to contact a professional

Choose your kitchen yourself or contact a professional? We want to highlight this aspect before even addressing the various aspects concerning the kitchen’s design. It could be that a kitchen design is only necessary when you seek something particular for that room or you want to create an environment as professional as possible. In reality, a kitchen design can occur in any situation, even when your home’s kitchen is small and you do not know how to best optimise the available space. Anyone looking for a professional in kitchen design knows that Binova is a brand of the highest quality, one of the best in Italy. Binova offers a collection of designer kitchens in Milan, but not only. Although the showroom is located in Via Durini, in the heart of the design district in Milan, Binova realises kitchen projects throughout Italy.

So if you want a functional, and obviously beautiful kitchen, by turning to Binova professionals you can be certain of receiving a kitchen of the highest quality, both in design and materials. Conversely, designing your own kitchen, if you are inexperienced, can be frustrating and more difficult than expected. And mistakes lurk behind every corner. Being supported by Binova design professionals who can recommend the best solution for your home will always be the best solution.

Kitchen design: what to watch out for

As we mentioned, when designing a kitchen there are numerous aspects to take into consideration. From the distribution of the various accessories up to the appliances and design.

          Space available

The starting point is the shape of the kitchen, which obviously affects the available space. One of the most common mistakes is to first decide the shape of the kitchen and then try to adapt it to the room. Instead, it is necessary to do the opposite. The ideal is to be able to optimise space, using every last centimetre. If you don’t have much room available and you want a multifunctional kitchen that, according to the time and occasion, can transform and change roles according to your needs, you can choose a compact kitchen. Specifically, if you have a narrow and developed space especially in length, it is better to avoid an island. An island, as can also be seen in the Binova collections, is very versatile. It can be used for cooking, of course, but also as a work or study bench, if you do smart working or if you study from home. However, it needs space in width, so it will be perfect in a square room but less so in a long and narrow one.

          The kitchen must follow your needs

Design must improve the lives of those who live in a certain environment. So your kitchen must also be a compromise between practicality and beauty. Not everyone experiences the kitchen identically. For example, some do not like to cook or spend many hours behind the stove but transform the kitchen into a space to live with friends and family, chatting or drinking a glass of wine. Or those who cook every day, and consequently require a sturdier top, to prevent it from wearing out.

When designing a kitchen, uses must mark the path to follow for the arrangement of appliances, the distribution of worktops and pantries. In this case, the assistance of a professional can be useful. A designer, like those at Binova, can guide you through the creation of a truly functional environment, tailored to your needs, from the positioning of the appliances to the distribution of all the wall units.

          Optimise and improve

Even if you have little space available, it is always worthwhile to take care of the design of a kitchen. It is vital to follow some “logical” aspects, which respect the processing sequence, such as the sink and burners that are distant but not too far, or to manage the “close” distance between the sink and the dishwasher. These may seem like obvious notions, but they’re not that obsequious. Indeed, the arrangement of the wall units and spaces is essential to perform everything optimally without wasting time.

Another crucial aspect, to contemplate even if the kitchen is rarely used, is a surface intended for breakfast or a quick lunch, perhaps with a stool. This space can be located between the stove and the sink.

           Visible or retractable

This aspect has a lot to do with the personality you give your kitchen. As you can see from the Binova kitchens catalogue, there are design kitchens that have visible wall units and shelves and others that are retractable, to hide whatever you want. The choice is up to you and the type of kitchen you want to design for your home. The important thing is that, if open, the wall units are not positioned too close to the burners if you do not want to risk damaging the dishes with cooking vapours.

           A matter of budget

Obviously, the budget, or the overall cost of the project, is also a critical aspect to take into consideration. Clearly, a Binova design kitchen will cost more, but it will also be a kitchen with numerous functions, as well as with attention to the tiniest details. In short, the kind of kitchen that can last a lifetime.