Modern kitchen design is not just a question of drawings and plans, elevations, ventilation systems and purely technical matters. Binova Milano leads the way in implementing the concept of Kitchen Architecture and the creation of spaces that express our philosophy: enjoy the finest Italian luxury living! Spaces which are both aesthetically refined and practical, perfectly suiting not only your home but your personality, expressed in the best possible way through the kitchen.

Like the best traditional tailors, we create only tailor-made kitchens, following a tried and tested protocol that allows us to meet our clients’ requirements while eliminating expensive wasting of time:

  1. Start by consulting  the Binova catalogues, take a look at some of the projects we have created at the bottom of this page and, why not, in the Contract furnishings section, where you can view Binova projects all over the world.
  2. By this time you will have got some ideas, which, along with your requirements, provide a good starting point for a meeting here in our showroom, where you can make an appointment to experience the quality of our kitchens for yourselves, preview innovative solutions which are not in the catalogue recommended by our professional staff, lay the foundations of your kitchen project and set a date for a second meeting.
  3. At the second meeting, you will examine our architects’ proposals and plans and get a concrete, realistic idea of what your new kitchen will look like with a photorealistic 3D rendering prepared specifically for you. Every solution we propose will be completed with an economic proposal, and we can provide real-time quotes for any variations you may request, making a third meeting unnecessary.
  4. The time has come to make a commitment and sign a contract including plans, drawings, renderings, a breakdown of the economic proposal and an estimated delivery time.