Contract design system Binova Milano

A team of Italian kitchen design experts designs and produces tailor-made solutions of high standing on the basis of analysis of customers’ needs and expression of their taste and style.

The Contract Division creates unique, exclusive “turnkey” projects for the contract industry.


contract design Binova - modern kitchens of Italian design

From concept and design to delivery of the actual product.

Creation of 3D renderings.

Involvement of professionals experienced in home and interior design or consultancy and participation of other skilled professionals.

A highly flexible approach.

Temporary showrooms


We like to think of the place where we cook as the centre of life in the home, a place where people get together and therefore the heart of the home.

Contract design binova milano  

A passion for designing unique spaces which are lived in intensely both day and night, unbounded creativity and the ability to imagine a kitchen in any kind of open space, are the elements characterising and distinguishing the Binova Milano Contract System.

Suitable for spaces of all sizes and types, contract decorating projects are appreciated in the field of real estate, where they offer the added value of Italian craftsmanship, and by end customers wanting a kitchen of exclusive, quality design.