Vogue Metal

Kitchen’s architecture.
With its vogue design project, Binova presents architectural element that redefine the kitchen space. More open, more lightweight, more functional. The fronts of the island have a titanium metallic lacquerwork finish, and the tall units contain not only functional elements like ovens and refrigerators but also open shelving for the living area, in Canaletto walnut veneer.

Vogue glossy lacquered

The vertical sign sets a constant pace on all the fronts. The sliding worktop, together with the wooden bins, create new dynamics of life. Technology contains technology, thus losing its purely stage value, creating a stronger relation with the adjacent area of the kitchen. Modular configurations, laid against the wall or arranged as an island, are placed with grace and simplicity, returning the scene to the person who lives in it as the central focus. The space maintains a formal purity and intangible lightness where one can deftly move around amidst taste, flavours and the senses.


Creativity always demands a renegotiation of certitudes: thus Vintage steel is extremely treated and regular rhythm is resolved and recomposed. From the top of the linear design of the wall units, the beat descends along the long equipped countertop; a close-up of the Life storage system running along the countertop recalls the concept of a lab of taste and nourishment: a workshop where everything finds its proper place and is always close at hand. A master of lights and shadows can create and re-design a room in many ways. A wall becomes a cast supported by the Reflex frame, gifted with transparencies and elegance with its inner Black Walnut panelling and the honeycomb printed glass doors. The Pivot shelves seem to float while sliding along the vertical line of their supports. An unbelievable harmony is created, like a wizardry: something already existing can now be seen from a completely new perspective. Once more, design enters the space of the architectural project, changing the concept of separated rooms for kitchen and living and celebrating space itself, with thick walls that become tall and light containers. The adjustable spotlights of the Pivot bookshelves shape a new environment where the identity of this kitchen expresses itself in the combination of the Tosca Red matt lacquering doors to those made of Vesuvio Oak irregular oil-treated staves: a vintage effect completed by the treated steel countertop running also down the doors and revealing Vogue’s real soul.      

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