Allowing freedom is the sign of a great strength.
We let materials get over their own attitude. It implies the ability to become a real tool of nature to enhance the range of possibilities of elements like the native mildness of wood or the suggestions coming from outer space.
A whole universe comes at hand, tangible and in a multipurpose capacity, allowing us to experience the deepness of space and substance. Vesta is an act of real liberty: the minimalist design is free to run with its vivid essence along contours and grain, sharp lines that become a common sign, living in the light and shade, balancing the global aesthetics and the slightest particulars. Infinity can be found both in vastness and in tiny details.
Something really immense can be contained in a proper space, within proper dimensions, thus becoming real and understandable for whoever shall admire, use and live this space, or even enjoy it to satisfy the finest need thanks to the Gentleman Unit.
While exploring every part under every light and in every direction, nothing interferes with the touch or the gaze. Opposites are coming closer: inwardness and sidereal space, warmth and severity, heart and mind.
Vesta is expansion: a complete movement availability is due to the anodized aluminium frame of the door with full handling from every side Vesta top and doors represent the best match of the primeval dark eucalyptus and the deep space light, as this comes out of the veins of the Statuario Altissimo stoneware.
A perfect mastering of technology is the essential skill that leads to a 25 millimetre thickness, thanks to the anodized aluminium frame, and melts the hob in a unique linear surface equipped with the Hub Stone system that generates heat directly in the countertop using energy fluxes.      

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