Boldness of changing can be the shell of the genius pearl: the intuition that provides pioneers with the right sense of direction, enforced by a strong traditional background and by the capacity to be still amazed when something new, that was held as impossible, is born. As humans grow up, the distance between their footsteps becomes wider. The same happens to Regula, born in 1998, which has developed to the current new aluminium frame that allows to set the supporting legs to the edges of the kitchen, without any intermediate step.
The lightness that marks Regula is now extended to a whole home system. Binova is the pioneer of this floating design and brings it to the extreme limit by using extraordinary long and strong frames, containers leaning on worktops and creating a progression that expands in the other living rooms. Origin and evolution are also recalled by the Stone Oak®finishing that symbolizes the force that has been preserved as well as transformed through many geological ages. 

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