This ONO synthesizes the washing function: it contains a flush built-in sink, with the gap for its retractable tap.
Hub Stone, the cutting-edge induction invisible hob unit, is the common ground where complexity and essentiality meet.
A classy case for LP and EP that celebrates the magic of vinyl and the everlasting charm of record players.
“The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it.” (O. Wilde). The trays for spirits and glasses, the cedarwood cigar case and the other compartments of this ONO represent the capital vices of a gentleman.
We are deconstructing the concept of furnishing by setting each element free, central and 360° explorable. The same shape can change its reflection, its finishing, its heart: each ONO has its own purpose and fulfills it perfectly. ONO is the unexpected in a multitasking reality: it means focusing on a single action. ONO is an act of elegant devotion to the satisfaction of needs and pleasures.      

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