Improving the resources of a given space is not a chance: it is a real talent.
Syllabizing the glance means creating new walls that mark a unique space made out of the essence of our daily life. It is the concept of a whole living system expressed with such pure and universal lines, so personal that it will clearly tell something about us anywhere our gaze will turn.
Binova Mantis is an incorporated architecture project representing the evolution of technology and space concepts, as space itself is an extension of time and using capability. We create continuity between day and night, changing the meaning of the walls: from a division component to a completely functional passage element. The union of polar concepts is the key to read the tall frontals we have created thanks to the 12 millimetre thick aluminium doors that allow matching the lightness of the Hungarian Point Saturn oak finishing with the natural Marquinia black worktop.
Any gesture can design and create. But we can only bring a project to its fulfilment when the creative hand is led by a clear vision of technology and aesthetics: this will bring as close to perfection as the space will look integrated and absolutely complete. Binova Mantis is design taking place of the architectural elements: what once used to separate is now a connection, and the continuity of the spaces becomes a logic consequence. We enhance all the many possibilities that advanced technology delivers, like lightening the strong metal frame to obtain a thinner and persistent product.

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