It is far more than just affection: this is a real love declaration and a tribute to a kitchen that has made the history of our Company. We want to give a new story to Bluna, a new voice to express allits talent in the combination of still unexplored details, features and finishing. Industrial design is the best tool to get constant transformation even withina comfort zone. There is no need to escape a frame when the frame itself is extremely basic: you only need fantasy to cover it, give it a new life and live it in a new way.

Bluna matt lacquered

A truly professionally inspired laboratory with all the accessories and equipment useful for the preparation of food. The columns and the base units are in white matt lacquer and theworktop is in white acrylic. Characteristic horizontal sign has a new life; tradition and modern living meet to generate a refined and transverse whole, warm and highly appealing.

Bluna laminate fenix

The columns are in bilaminate and the peninsula is in black fenix. A transversal project for maximum freedom of composition and customization; advanced ergonomics to improve interaction between man and objects, needs and functions. A project that improves the quality of life in the home, transforming it into a space where man is at the centre of the design process. The concept is in harmony with contemporary lifestyles, it transform the kitchen into an increasingly personal space.

Bluna glossy lacquered

With Bluna, Binova propose a new exploration of the relationship between kitchen and living area, the continuous interlacing of functions, rituals and daily needs. Spaces are no longer limited by structural elements becoming open areas where an operating hierarchy doesn’t exist anymore. It defines the spirit of an open home that is no longer afraid of an informal outlook, where the perception of space is changing, no longer an extravagance.

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